Tetbury War Memorial Clean 2020

Tebury War Memorial underwent a deep clean in preparation for Remembrance Day 2020.

Tetbury Town Councils Chief Executive made it a focus to enhance the War Memorial, in anticipation for commemorations in 2020. The war memorial is dedicated to those from Tetbury who died in service during both the First and Second World Wars.

The Office team contacted James Long Mason Limited of Trowbridge, after seeing the work they undertook on other War Memorials, cleaning was undertaken on Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th October 2020.

Chief Executive Tara Niblett, who was present as the clean was being undertaken, thanked the team for an excellent job that will be much appreciated by the Town and the community who are rightly proud of the people the memorial represents and remembers.

Tara also noted the excellent job the Councils Ground Foreman Colin Woodward has done with decorating St. Saviours Church and Grounds with knitted poppies donated by the community in 2018.

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