Tetbury Mayor Thanks Calcot for COVID-19 Response

Last Thursday to celebrate the opening of Calcot, Tetbury Mayor Ann Pearce made an impromptu visit to hand deliver a letter to the Calcot Team who made such a difference during the lockdown crisis. They amazingly made and donated free food to Tetbury and surrounding areas, including, Malmesbury, Nailsworth and Sherston. The astounding total was over 6,000 2 course meals.

Richard Davies Executive Chef for Calcot said “this was very much a collective idea between Richard Ball, Exec. Chairman of Calcot Hotels and myself, along with the Stone family who are the principle shareholders behind the Calcot Collection and were delighted to fund all”.

Paul Sadler General Manager added’’ Of course I am very proud of Richard and his team who brought their skills, passion and dedication to this marvellous and much-needed project.” Paul also thanked and paid tribute to his entire team that make Calcot.

Tetbury Mayor Ann Pearce said ”I know from personal experience the effect that this magnanimous offer had on people, as I added one of my neighbours to be a recipient who had recently come out of Hospital and was thrilled at the delicious food. It was not only the food; it was the psychological effect this generosity had on many people who were feeling very alone and isolated. And therefore, we thank Richard and the entire Calcot Team”.

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