Statement from the Mayor:

Over the past few weeks the council has been victim to a sustained social media campaign by representatives of the DRC. The campaign seems to have evolved into an intolerable tirade of personal attacks on my own capabilities as Mayor of Tetbury.

The statement made by myself at the last Full Council meeting regarding the EGM due to be held was made in good faith. It was my belief that after receiving an information pack re the S106 monies and all other related material, that 6 councillors would be able to call an EGM, to do this councillors need to be able to justify their reasons to the CEO of the Town Council who then makes a decision as to whether the said meeting can proceed, it is then up to the CEO to call the meeting, issue and display an agenda.

However, due to an unprecedented amount of emails and correspondence being received from some trustees, CDC have offered to give the CEO and the Town Council some clarity, this offer to the CEO was made after my statement at the last Full Council. It is disappointing that the Chair of the DRC Trustees has issued such damning statements on several Facebook posts about my ability to lead the Council effectively without understanding that neither the calling or allowance of an EGM are the responsibility of the Mayor, and if our CEO and Responsible Finance Officer feels that the information being received from Cotswold District Council will be of benefit, then that advice will be received before the calling of the EGM.

This is not a delaying tactic of any councillors, this is a process that needs to be followed in line with undertaking our due diligence. The personal attacks are having a profound effect on my family and wider families lives, whilst I accept as Mayor that I’m a public figure, I do not accept that the “Job” comes with the right for others to bully or intimidate on social media platforms.

Ann Pearce
Tetbury Mayor

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