Public Budget Consultation – How are we going to spend your Council Tax in 2020/21?

On 27th January 2019 Tetbury Town Council will set its Budget – along with the Precept, our share of the Council Tax collected by Cotswold District Council.

Before we make any decisions, we would like to hear YOUR views on the expenditure you do and don’t want to see in the Budget, and on the overall effect on your Council Tax.

Residents have the opportunity to tell us at any time by email or by letter before 27th January. Alternatively, tell us in person at our Public Budget Consultation Event, to be held in the Council Chamber at The Old Courtroom, 63 Long Street on Monday 6th January 2020 at 7.15pm.

The Council’s Draft Budget allows for an inflation-only increase of 2.7% – based on the Retail Price Index prediction for inflation in 2020. Unfortunately, due to Cotswold District Council recalculating the number of taxable properties our 2.7% increase becomes an extra 5% for the Council Taxpayer. We think the actual increase is bearable though, if our Draft Budget is approved, the Band D Council Tax payable for 2020/21 would increase to £135.82 for 2020/21 (up £6.50 over the year), or £11.32 each month (up 54p).

In return for your money in 2020/21 the Council will continue to provide the usual services around the town and we will look to increase our grants to support Youth services across the town (including paying for a Youth Worker) and to maintain our strategic financial support for the Dolphins Hall and the Citizens Advice Bureau. ‘One off’ grants will still be available to community groups and the Town Council hopes to play a major part in ensuring the continued provision of an Elderly Day Care service.

SJ Holley
Town Clerk

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