Cotswold District Council have written to every household in Tetbury regarding proposed changes in the way that the town is divided into wards.

Following the Local Government Boundary review in 2014 Tetbury was changed from one single voting ward to three separate wards. This change affected Tetbury Town Council in that a single ward where all Tetbury Councillors represented the whole town was changed to three separate wards each represented by several Councillors, the new wards are Tetbury Town, Tetbury East and Tetbury West. As far as the District Council was concerned Tetbury was a single ward where three Councillors represented the whole town and again this was changed into three separate wards, Tetbury Town, Tetbury East and Rural and Tetbury with Upton each ward having one Councillor.

Tetbury Town Council were opposed to separate warding from the start with the view that a split was unnecessary, led to confusion and provided no benefit for the town. When the chance came to review the new arrangements the town council made a submission to the Local Government Boundary Commission to remove the current three ward arrangement and revert to a single ward for the whole town. This view was taken by all the wards that were divided and Cotswold District Council have agreed to carry out a review of each affected parish or town.

The following will be taken into consideration.

A) The changes in 2014 had not been requested by either residents or Tetbury Town Council and were imposed by the District Electoral Review.

B) The identity and interests of the whole Tetbury community who may well have a single sense of identity and that the true sense of community is provided by the entire town not by divided wards.

C) Divided communities are considered unnecessary and confusing and do not provide any benefits to the town.

These views were supported by the District Councillors for the respective areas.

This review will not affect District Councillor arrangements, Tetbury will still be warded for District election purposes, but for Town Council elections the Community Governance Review could remove the artificial boundaries that currently exist in the town making things far simpler.

It is important that residents submit their views on this change back to a single ward, Cotswold District Council must take these opinions into account when reaching a final decision regarding the change. Please use the Consultation Comments form that has arrived in the post to express your views. Should you wish you can also write to Nigel Adams, Electoral Registration Officer, Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, Glos GL7 1PX or email him

Further information can be found on the CDC website –

District and Town Councillor Stephen Hirst

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