Tetbury’s Mayor Cllr Ann Pearce read out the following press release/statement at the meeting of the Council which took place on Monday 22nd June 2020, regarding the potential extension of St Saviours Burial Ground.

Following a lengthy process between the Charity Commission, the Dolphins Hall Management Committee and Tetbury Town Council, there has been contention over the years regarding ‘Plot 8’ being used as an extension to St Saviours Burial Ground.

Recent communication between all parties has led the Town Council to the opinion that this part of the Recreation Ground is solely owned by Tetbury Town Council, the Dolphins Hall Management Committee believe that the same piece of land falls within their jurisdiction.

Tetbury Town Council are committed to finding an amicable solution for all parties and will engage in mediation discussions with the Dolphins Hall Management Committee.

Cllr Ann Pearce added, The Dolphins Hall Management Committee Chair, Steve Scott felt that the following would be appropriate to add to our press release and has had full and prior knowledge as to its content.

‘The rules of the trust restrict what the Trustees of the Dolphins Hall Management Committee can and cannot do. Charity law requires them to maintain the principles by which the recreation ground was established. However, we are pleased that they have committed to doing their best to explore options with us to see if a solution to this complicated situation can be found while allowing them to comply fully with all their charity requirements’


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