A reminder to all dog owners to please keep their dogs on a lead at all times.
If a dog worries sheep on agricultural land, the person in charge of the dog is guilty of an offence. This includes attacking sheep, chasing them in a way that may cause injury, suffering, abortion or loss of produce or being at large (not on a lead or otherwise under close control) in a field or enclosure in which there are sheep is guilty of an offence under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953.
Sheep worrying often occurs as a result of stress caused by dogs. Worrying can be fatal to sheep and can cause ewes to miscarry their lambs, they can also become injured during their panic in which to flee from dogs.
To protect their livestock a farmer is well within their rights to shoot a dog under certain conditions on their land if they see dogs off their leads near livestock as this can cause them financial loss and is a welfare issue to their livestock. No farmer wishes to have to do this, however this is usually a last resort.
To avoid this situation from occurring, please ensure you keep your dog on a lead at all times when walking near livestock

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