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     Mayor’s Report

Well, I wasn’t expecting to give my usual report this month, you were due to receive the Annual Town Report, in advance of the now postponed Annual Town Meeting, where I report upon my year as the Town Mayor.  However, we live in unprecedented and everchanging times.  In fact, by the time that you read this, I am sure things will have moved on again.

As I write this article, many of our community are self-isolating or, as in my case, socially distancing, in order to protect the more vulnerable members of our families and community, to ensure that we can stay as well as we can, to enable us to assist when we are needed.

Please follow the official advice via the NHS website –

For more Community Support Information please visit the Tetbury Town Council website –

The Town Council, along with the Lions Club and local businesses are working with the Tetbury COVID-19 Mutual Aid Facebook Group and you will all have received a leaflet, giving both advice and contact details, including phone numbers. If you have any concerns or if you know of a vulnerable or self-isolating member of our community who needs volunteer support, please let us know.

The Government has announced the closure of all schools and if possible, more people are to work from home. We have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel and avoid social activities, this is causing challenges from families to businesses in our Town, if opportunity allows, please support our local businesses and I am confident we will all find a way to navigate these difficult times together.

It has been an honour and my absolute pleasure to have been your Mayor for the past year. We are truly blessed to live in such an amazing community, and I would like to thank all of you who work tirelessly and inspire us all to work hard to make Tetbury the very special place that we live in.

I send you all my best wishes during these challenging times and I know that we will emerge from this crisis a stronger community.


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