Mayor thanks Calcot Hotel for their commitment and drive to produce meals for Tetburys vulnerable residents.

Dear All,

Cllr Martin Lea, our Covid-19 lead, has been informed that the free community meals that have been provided by Calcot Hotel will come to an end with the last meals going out on the 12th June. This is of course dependent on the restrictions continuing to be lifted, with the Calcot Hotel preparing to re-open it doors in July.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Davies, and the staff at Calcot Hotel for their commitment and drive, to producing meals for not just Tetbury’s vulnerable residents, but vulnerable people throughout the area. This invaluable service has meant so much to so many, and hopefully as the lock down eases we will be able to identify other ways in which we can continue to support the more vulnerable members of our community.

I would also like to officially thank Cllr Martin Lea for collecting and delivering all meals over the past weeks with the help of his daughter Christine, who also has our deepest thanks.

With Kind Regards

Ann Pearce

Mayor Tetbury Town Council

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