Mayor congratulates town resident Jean Westwood on celebration of her 100th Birthday!

Congratulations to Jean Westwood on the celebration of her 100th Birthday!

Jean celebrated her hundredth birthday on Tuesday in the marvellous setting of Lewsey Court garden, to maintain social distancing.

Jeans children Brenda and John were on hand along with the residents to wish this very special lady her very happy 100th birthday, Jean has six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Originally from a small village outside of Brighton Jean spent the war years literally being one of the women who kept Britain on track as one of the railway guards operating signals.

Neighbours Malcolm Lomax gave a special reworded rendition of Cliff Richard’s congratulations as he sang it to Jean. Jean moved to Tetbury in 1995 to be closer to her family and was one of the first residents of Lewsey Court.

Jean was very pleased to then cut her cake for her family and friends who were there. Tetbury Mayor Ann Pearce then presented her with a card and a bouquet of flowers that was placed alongside her very special card from her Majesty the Queen.

This very active lady who still would love to be going out as she used to before the current crisis gave a wonderful smile when asked for a quote she said ‘’I would like to thank everyone for making this day so very special,” and added wryly “you have to do something about the buses”. We are all certainly in good company as we all wish Jean a very happy birthday.

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