Help us to create a ‘Bluebell Trail’

Community Planting Day – 10am to 12noon, Saturday 21st September 2019

Further details here”:

“Bluebell Trail – Latest Update

Our site inspection shows that the soil in the Rail Lands is quite hard in places, so we now recommend that each family or group brings at least one garden spade, in addition to a garden trowel

  • Once you have found your stake, bulbs to be planted within the perimeter of the planting area shown (we will mark it with playing field spray paint)
  • Volunteers are requested to avoid planting in straight lines or geometric shapes – they aren’t natural!  The advice is to throw the bulbs onto the ground in the planting area and dig holes where they fell
  • Use a spade to dig about 4 inches / 10 centimeters down, ‘wiggle’ the spade back and forth to create a slit to place the bulbs in, then let the ground fall back and gently press closed”

Stephen Holley

Town Clerk

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