Four new life-saving defibrillators added to Tetbury’s provision

Tetbury Town Council Defib Notice

Tetbury Town Council has arranged for four new public access Automatic External Defibrillators to be installed at the Goods Shed, on the Football Clubhouse at the Recreation Ground, outside the St Mary’s Centre on St Mary’s Road and on the Football Clubhouse at Preston Park. The four new machines join two the Council had already, outside the Visitor Information Centre and Tesco. Also, the Doctors Surgery on Long Street has a public access defibrillator (available during open hours only) and the First Responders at the Fire Station have another for their own use. The cost of installing the four new machines was reduced from around £6,500 to around £1,000, thanks to the generosity of Cotswold District Council, Tesco and the Tetbury Lions Club joining with the Town Council. Local firm R&J Pearce kindly installed the machines at half price. Our warmest thanks go to all our partners for their match-funding and assistance. On the advice of the Ambulance Service and the Resuscitation Council these life-saving machines will be in unlocked cabinets to save valuable time getting them to someone with a cardiac arrest. This saves vital minutes compared to the previous system of phoning to get a code to unlock the cabinet.

Free training on First Aid and use of defibrillators has been arranged with Gloucestershire County Council at three sessions to be held on 9th and 16th April. Nearly all of the places have been booked, so we are looking at putting on three or four more training sessions in May and June, which may include an evening session and a weekend session.

Why are the cabinets unlocked?

The Council is following the advice of South West Ambulance Service, the Resuscitation Council and the suppliers – who are giving us eight years free insurance cover.

The priority is to get a defibrillator and apply it to the person in cardiac arrest with an absolute minimum of delay. Unlocked cabinets allow immediate access to a defibrillator in a situation where seconds count.

Despite widespread use of unlocked cabinets, experience to date has shown that instances of theft and vandalism of such defibrillators are relatively uncommon.

Advice from the Resuscitation Council

Stephen Holley

Town Clerk

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