Statement of the Closure of Tetbury Leisure Centre

Statement on the Closure of Sir William Romney Leisure and Extraordinary Meeting of the Council – Monday 15th July 2019 6:30pm – Dolphins Hall

Tetbury Town Council has not formally met to discuss the closure of the Leisure Centre and the impact of SWR Leisure going into administration, nor was it aware of the possibility of closure. However, our members are well aware of local families’ concern that they may lose childcare through the long summer holidays if the Summer Holiday Club is not to take place. The Town Council does not have any role in the funding or running of the Leisure Centre, nor SWR Leisure as a business. However, we are aware of efforts to make alternative arrangements for the Summer Holiday Club and of course the Town Council would like those efforts to succeed.

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Council has been convened for the earliest possible date after hearing the news of SWR Leisure’s closure. If required, the Town Council will consider proposals for how it might help. The Extraordinary Meeting will be held at 6.30pm on Monday 15th July but may be cancelled at the last moment if our friends and partners are successful with their arrangements.


1. This meeting was originally to be held in the Council Chamber but will now be held in the Dolphins Hall in view of the public interest.

2. The Extraordinary Meeting has been convened solely to consider how we might support alternative arrangements for a Summer Holiday Club to continue. The Mayor, as Chair of the Meeting, will allow only brief statements and questions on the matter of the closure. Anyone wishing for more information on the matter of closure should address their enquiries to Sir William Romney’s School (the parent undertaking for SWR Leisure).


Stephen Holley
Town Clerk

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