Calling All Tetbury Families We Need Your HELP!!

Tetbury Town Council have been involved in trying to establish ownership of a piece of land that is much needed for the burial ground extension. We are running out of time, so we need your help, to prove to the Charity Commission that this land does not belong to the conveyance of 3rd May 1974.

1. Do you remember a stone wall on the recreation ground that ran on from the end of the Bowls Club?

2. Do you remember what the land over the wall was used for?

3. Do you remember who farmed the land over the wall.

4. Do you have any photographs or documents showing the divide?

If you can help us please email or write to Tetbury Town Council by 26th May 2020 remembering to include your name and address.

Email : 

Or :

Or write to :

Tetbury Town Council

The Old Court House,

63 Long St, Tetbury, GL8 8AA

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