for Tetbury residents and electors, at the Dolphins Hall, New Church Street, Tetbury
7pm, Wednesday 10th April 2019
Cllr Sandra Ball – Mayor of Tetbury


1. Welcome by the Mayor

2. Minutes of the last Annual Town Meeting – 23rd May 2018

3. Brief reports from the Town Council and other town organisations.
(N.B speakers are requested NOT to read their reports verbatim, they need only to draw attention to highlights and to be open to Q&A. Full copies of the reports are in the April edition of the Tetbury Advertiser)

4. Presentation by Tetbury in Bloom

5. Report by the Tetbury Police team

6. Questions from residents and Motions for discussion
(Ideally, please give the Council Office prior notice of any questions, we may be able to investigate replies on your behalf)

Free tea and coffee on arrival

(i) The annual meeting of every parish (or town) must be held between 1st March and 1st June
(ii) The Town Meeting consists of the local government electors for the parish – every person on the Register of Electors for the parish has the right to be directly involved in how their parish is run. They have the right to raise issues to go on the agenda, speak and vote at meetings
(iii) It is not a meeting of the Town Council, but it must be chaired by the Chairman of the Town Council if he or she is present
(iv) At the meeting the Town Council and other town organisations will usually provide an annual report
(v) Issues voted on may, if relevant, be referred to the Town Council (or other appropriate body), but votes at the Town Meeting are not binding on other bodies.

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