Archive | October, 2020

Statement from the Mayor:

Over the past few weeks the council has been victim to a sustained social media campaign by representatives of the DRC. The campaign seems to have evolved into an intolerable tirade of personal attacks on my own capabilities as Mayor of Tetbury. The statement made by myself at the last Full Council meeting regarding the […]

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Extraordinary Meeting

The Extraordinary meeting of Tetbury Town Council will not be held until clarification has been received from various departments within Cotswold District Council and advice from our own legal representative. Due to various statements being made on Facebook regarding the legal requirements of the S106 monies for the Redevelopment Project, we have sought clarification from […]

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In recent years Tetbury Town Council (TTC) has provided over £40,000 towards youth provision in our town.  In 2019, a TTC Youth Committee was established and along with the £10,000 grant given to the Tetbury Area Youth and Community Trust (TAYCT) the Town Council has allocated a further £10,000 for Enhanced Youth Services to enable […]

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