Archive | October, 2019


Following a busy summer, September continued in the same vein. Firstly, I would like to thank the Town Councillors, who all gave their time over the summer to ensure that the Police Museum could be opened on Saturdays for our residents and visitors. In fact, they continued this into September, with the museum opening on […]

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Tetbury Town Council’s new Youth Committee

The new Youth Committee was set up following the request of a member of the public who had been involved in something similar in another area outside of Gloucestershire, with the support of several Tetbury Town Councillors who have a particularly keen interest in youth provision within Tetbury and the surrounding area. The Committee’s establishment […]

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Town Council support for St Mary’s Day Care Centre

The Town Council has read with interest Mr Roger Bellairs’ letter in the October edition expressing his concern that the Council was ‘distancing itself’ from St Mary’s Day Centre. We can assure both the community and Mr Bellairs that this is very much not the case. The Council has a history of grant-aiding the Day […]

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