Gloucestershire County Council’s website has some useful advice:

Who is legally responsible for keeping roads and pavements clear of snow and ice?

The gritting of roads and footways, including the centre of Tetbury, is the responsibility of Gloucestershire Highways, which generally gives priority to treating the roadways.

During adverse winter weather Gloucestershire Highways’ resources are focused on keeping the strategic carriageway network running, with priority being given to bus routes, schools, and routes with emergency services such as hospitals, doctors, fire and ambulance.

What obligations does Tetbury Town Council have? What does it do?

As stated above, Gloucestershire Highways has overall responsibility for gritting all roads. The Town Council is not funded either by government or by Tetbury Council Taxpayers to carry out any snow or ice clearance work. However, the Town Council voluntarily operates a winter gritting programme of lanes and footpaths to enable residents to move about the town centre in a safe manner.

We prioritise staff resources to complement the activity provided by Gloucestershire Highways by gritting certain footways, refilling grit bins and where possible by clearing snow from pavements in pedestrian areas.

The Town Council will spread grit and salt on the pavements in the following priority areas:

Long Street, Church Street, Chipping Street and the Market Place
• Silver Street, Fox Hill and the route to Tetbury Hospital
• Old Brewery Lane as this is the route to the two public Car Parks
• The Ferns (because this is the route to the Doctors Surgery)
• London Road through to St Mary’s Road, St Mary’s Primary School
• Love Lane
• Other areas may be done as resources allow

The Town Council will also provide extra Grit Bins if available in strategic places throughout the town as well as providing piles of grit in other areas where safety is of concern. The grit bins are provided for pavements and dangerous road junctions or very steep slopes; they are NOT to be used for personal driveways.

If there are other areas where urgent spreading is needed the Town Council will respond in a timely manner.

Should time allow, the Town Council will also assist Traders in Long Street, Church Street, Chipping Street and the Market Place to clear ice from the pavements.

Can the Town Council do more?

Our Grounds Team comprises only three Groundsmen and they are only able to grit ‘by hand’ – we do not have a specialised vehicle for spreading grit on the roads. Nor do we have a large store of salt available.

Can local residents and businesses assist in snow clearance?

Yes – you can use the grit/salt bins maintained around the county, located usually where there is a steep or hazardous hill, or a sharp bend, but where gritting does not regularly take place. The bins are for public use to keep public roads and pavements clear but the salt is not intended for use on private drives. Should you find a bin which needs refilling, contact the Gloucestershire County Council Highways on 08000 514514

Last Updated: 12 December 2017

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