Tetbury Policing Team remind local drivers that No Entry Signs are to be obeyed

Message from Tetbury Police to local Motorists  – Cottons Lane and West Street No Entry Signs to be obeyed

Police want to send out a reminder to local drivers not to ignore the No entry signs at Cottons Lane and West Street and the danger this places on pedestrians.

The offence to ignore the “NO ENTRY” sign under the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 carries 3 points and a fine of £100.

There have been no accidents at either location but several near misses have occurred. Police will deal robustly with any offending drivers caught offending and locals have also been urged to name and shame the local culprits to Police who will act appropriately.

Also training to join the “Community speed watch scheme “has been offered to residents to empower them to deal with the issue.

Police are urging drivers to adhere to traffic regulations before someone is seriously injured.

Thanks for your time.


Tetbury Policing Team

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