Draft Tetbury and Tetbury Upton Neighbourhood Plan Submitted

Draft Tetbury and Tetbury Upton Neighbourhood Plan Submitted

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan covering Tetbury and Tetbury Upton has been submitted to Cotswold District Council.

Cllr Stephen Hirst, the Mayor of Tetbury said “I am delighted to learn that we have done everything necessary in the lengthy process for the Draft Plan to be submitted and grateful thanks go to all involved. We are confident that Cotswold District Council will approve our Plan to become part of the Local Plan used by the Planning Committee and that the policies contained within them will be used in the determination of planning applications.”

In 2013 District Council approved the map designating the area to which the Plan relates.   Since that time, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has put a lot of hard work into producing the necessary work to support the Plan.  The Group includes a number of volunteer residents from Tetbury and Tetbury Upton and members of Tetbury Town Council and Tetbury Upton Parish Council.  The two Councils provided some of the necessary funds assisted by the Central Government Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme and Groundworks UK.

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group hired independent Planning Consultant Liz Beth to provide expert knowledge throughout the development of the Plan.

A key supporting document is the consultation statement which summarises the main issues and concerns raised through consultation and how they are to be addressed in the Plan. An extensive range of public consultation activities was carried out from 2013 to 2016, in the form of door-to door questionnaires, public exhibitions and web surveys.

Liz Beth explained that There is still some way to go.  The next stages are for the District Council to publicise the submitted Plan in another six-week consultation.  It will then be subject to an independent Examination and after that, if it meets the basic conditions, there will be a local referendum in Tetbury and Tetbury Upton.  It’s important to note that Cotswold District Council will make the Tetbury and Tetbury Upton Neighbourhood Plan part of the Cotswold Local Plan only if at least 50% of voters approve it.”



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