Meet Your Councillors

sandra-ballSandra Ball


I have lived in Tetbury with my husband Brian for the last 20 years. It is a great honour to serve the people and businesses of Tetbury.
I recently changed jobs and now work at Westonbirt School.

I try and attend as many meetings in and around Tetbury as much as possible and the next few years will be extremely busy with several projects in the pipeline. We have new faces joining the Council and with each individual talent helping us to make this a town that we are proud to live and work in.

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Kevin-PainterKevin Painter

Deputy Mayor

I am a fifth generation Tetburian, older Tetburians’ will remember my family who provided me with my moral compass and love of our town. Newer residents will know me from my weekly Wilts and Glos. Newspaper column and some of the various committees I enjoy assisting including St. Mary’s School as a governor; as a member of St. Mary’s Church and PCC; Tetbury Area Churches Together; a founding member of the Tetbury Tenants’ Association and the Tetbury Business Forum (formerly the Tetbury Development Group).

I have been a member of Tetbury Town Council for six years and I have served as Deputy Mayor twice. I work in the media as a writer, photographer and illustrator. I use my creative skills within the Council with the design of various leaflets and layouts. Finally I am lucky that I am accessible to many and very proud to be giving people a voice who feel they have none, and I remain committed to the future of Tetbury and faithful to its past.

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Cllr BurrellPatricia Burrell

I have lived in Tetbury for a little over 10 years. I moved from East Sussex to be nearer a daughter and her family – my other 2 children live in Australia.
I come from a background in brewing both in the UK and Australia, Elderly Care and Local Government. The last position I held was Electoral Services Manager.
On arrival in Tetbury I became a member of the WI which is a great platform to meet people. I joined the Committee and represent them as a Trustee of the Dolphins Hall. I am also involved with the Neighbourhood Plan team.
As a Councillor I hope to be able to influence decisions that will help Tetbury have the facilities, business and ambience that makes it a great place to live.
I’m also the Chairperson of the Councils Planning Committee and Highways Working Group

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tony-walshDavid Creed

Originally from and living in Swindon, I spent most of my formative years in Minchinhampton, until the age of 8 when I moved to the wonderful town of Tetbury, where I’m still living with my partner. I’m currently studying at Ciren College, and in my spare time, I enjoy designing websites and writing stories.

I am proud to be Tetbury’s youngest ever town councilor and hope my presence on the council inspires more young people to follow suit. My main focus as a councilor is to give young people a voice, a say in how things in Tetbury are run, something that I feel has desperately been lacking in previous years.

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Cllr BurrellJon Easterbrook

Originally from South London, I’ve lived in various parts of the country. I’ve spent the last 8 years in Tetbury, initially as an engineer working in microchip design but more recently as a retired engineer.
I think Tetbury’s a super little town, although not entirely free of problems and deficiencies. I see the council as a facilitator working with active agents such as local groups and the higher councils in the evolution of the town.
In my spare time I read and travel.

Register of Interests Cllr Easterbrook

stephen-hirstStephen Hirst

I became a Tetbury Town Councillor in 2002. In all that time my objective has been to ensure that our town continues to grow and prosper and that the Town Council continues to serve the population to make Tetbury a better place to live and work.

I am fully involved in a number of town organisations and continually enjoy the challenge to make things happen for the benefit of others.

Hobbies, what hobbies? I support Huddersfield Town Football Club, wear an anorak when it comes to railways and make the occasional cake and I am told produce Victoria Sandwiches par excellence. My wife Sue is chief gardener of Tetbury in Bloom and also heavily involved in Christmas in Tetbury, both organisations who do wonders for the appearance of Tetbury.

Register of Interests Cllr Hirst

tony-walshNikki Ind

I have lived in Tetbury for almost 27 years and have worked in the town for the last 20 years.

I am married to my husband Simon and we have brought up our two grown up children in Tetbury – they both attended The Ferns Playgroup, St Mary’s Primary School and Sir William Romney’s.

I am proud to have been elected as a member of The Thirteen of Tetbury and I have been actively involved in many organisations over the years in the town, including: Governor at St Mary’s Primary School, Chairman of The Friends of Tetbury Hospital, St Marys’ Church, Tetbury Summer Show and Tetbury Brownies.

After bringing up our family in such a very special town, I want to give something back and will work to make a difference for our town and residents.

Register of Interests Cllr Ind

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Ian Maslin

I have lived in Tetbury for sixteen years and feel very much part of the community. I am an original member of the newly formed Tetbury in Bloom committee in 2005, Secretary of Tetbury Lions Club, as well as a member of the newly formed Christmas in Tetbury committee and also belong to the Tetbury Chamber of Commerce with my Architectural Practice.
My hobbies are gardening, cycling and DIY, I enjoy watching football and motor racing and have supported Liverpool since I was 5 years old, I am a very sociable person and will always be first to help out and assist in whatever way I can. My wife Mel is very supportive towards me and she also is an original member of the newly formed Tetbury in Bloom Committee in 2005 and Christmas in Tetbury Committee serving both as Treasurer.
I would just like to do the best for the lovely town I live in. I am very much a ‘doer’ and I like to be involved in the community I live in. I have been a Councilor for 5 years and continue to relish the tasks ahead which I know will be hard work. I look forward with great interest in serving the town and will assist in every way I can to ensure the town continues to prosper.

Register of Interests Cllr Maslin

tony-walshRob McCorkell

I have lived in Tetbury for 15 years since meeting my wife Tracey and have developed a passion for the unique and diverse town we all call home. Previously serving five years on the Town Council and 2 of those as Mayor, after a full career in the Armed Forces I established my own Project Management Consultancy which took me away from Tetbury during the week and this meant I had no choice but to stand down.

I am interested in promoting and improving all aspects of life in Tetbury, from the historic centre with its lively retail and tourism, out to the bustling commercial areas and newly expanding residential developments. It is a time of change and opportunity for our town and we need to grab it with both hands.

A keen motorcyclist, explorer (dog walker would be more accurate) and music enthusiast Tracey and I can often be found enjoying the pleasures that the Cotswolds on two wheels can offer, or enjoying a lazy afternoon with friends in town.

I truly believe that communication and understanding are the key so feel free to stop me for a chat, drop me an email or give me a call.

Register of Interests Cllr McCorkell

Emma Monks

I grew up in Tetbury during the 70s and 80s and, when I turned 18, ran away to London as fast as my legs could carry me because I didn’t see a lot of career opportunities in Tetbury for a young person at that time. I returned in 2010 with a new appreciation for the town of my childhood and the potential it has to be better.
Heritage is important and lends people a sense of belonging and continuity, but in my view it should never be at the expense of progress. So I guess my driver for joining the Council is to help with projects that make the town more attractive to visit and do business in and thereby to create more opportunity for youth and more facilities for Tetbury townsfolk.
For the last 20 years I’ve worked in online gaming and social media, specialising in child grooming, e-safety and brand reputational risk. I work from home, but travel regularly. My work has given me pragmatism, a dispassionate approach, outward looking mind set, quirky ideas and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of dodgy Internet slang and swear-words – if you ever want to vocalise your feelings in Finnish after accidentally dropping a brick on your foot, I’m the Councillor to contact.
When I’m not working I can generally be found walking two pampered French Bulldogs, ‘checking the pipes’ of the local pubs (purely for research purposes, naturally), tying massively complicated knots in things, helping my ‘man unit’ out with his militaria business or planning how best to survive a Zombie apocalypse.

Register of Interests – Cllr Monks

Caroline Morgan

I am pleased to be back on Tetbury Town Council, I previously served for eight years and have lived in Tetbury for twenty years.

After a career in teaching, I am now retired. I am kept busy by various grandchildren but also enjoy volunteering at The Monday Club.

I am a trustee of The Goods Shed and have enjoyed working with a great team to get this building, which is owned by Tetbury Town Council, transformed into an active Arts Centre, bringing live events to Tetbury.

Register of Interests Cllr Morgan

tony-walshJohn Turton

My wife and I moved to Tetbury just over one year ago and we love living here. There is a great atmosphere and community spirit.

Previously I worked as a Professional Engineer in the automotive industry, my wife Nikki was a Career Coach specifically for women returning to work.

We have 2 sons who now have their own careers and independence so we are well placed to take on voluntary roles to give back to the community. We love an active lifestyle and really appreciate all the opportunities living in Tetbury offers. I am keen to support the Tetbury Town Council vision. ‘To make Tetbury the most vibrant town in the Cotswolds’. I like to get things done and appreciate the opportunity of being a Councillor to support improving the town and making it sustainable for all.

Register of Interests Cllr Turton

tony-walshTony Walsh

I have been a Town Councillor for over 15 years. I am a member of the ’13 of Tetbury’ and I serve on the Tetbury Hospital Trust board and am President of both Tetbury Rugby and Cricket clubs.

I have served on the Board of Governors of Sir William Romney’s School in the past and currently serve as a Governor at St Mary’s Primary School.

I have lived and worked in the area for over 40 years with my wife Ann, and my 3 children were all educated at Tetbury schools.

Register of Interests Cllr Walsh

Jason-williamsJason Williams

My name is Jason Williams, I grew up in Tetbury going to both St Mary’s and Sir William Romney schools.

After returning to the town, I played for Tetbury Rugby and Football Clubs for many years, I am proud to say my son is following in my foot-steps, I own and run Williams Textiles, so I am based in our vibrant Cotswold Town.

Please always feel free to contact me either for an informal chat or to discuss more pressing matter.

Register of Interests Cllr Williams

Simon-MitchellSimon Mitchell

I grew up in Cirencester, attending Stroud Technical College before leaving the area for University in Plymouth.

May background is in Electronics and Communications, having worked for most of the major telecommunications companies and the MoD, I have travelled extensively and worked overseas for many years before setting up my own business in 1995. Today I run 3 successful businesses in Tetbury, Merlin Industries – Commercial Electrical Contractors, The Tetbury Soft Water Company – Independent supplier of water softeners and finally Military Mementos – providing military antiquities for collectors, TV and Film production companies.

I play an active part in my community. The Tetbury Soft Water Company is the main sponsor for the Tetbury Cricket Club. Our sponsorship in 2018 allowed the club to invest in a new roller and put on a program of youth cricket for the youngsters of Tetbury. I have given military talks and presentations on behalf of the British Legion and Tetbury Town Council, raising funds during the WWI Centenary. I am also on the committee at the Tetbury United Services Club to help keep this important venue open for the benefit of the people of Tetbury.

I would like to use my skills within the council to help businesses in the town, encourage entrepreneurs to choose Tetbury as the place to start their business and to help maintain and improve the facilities we have in the town for the younger generations to enjoy.