Council Policies & Documents

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Standing Orders

Remit of Committees

Media Guidance

Complaints Procedure

Financial Regulations

Model Publication Scheme

Health & Safety Policy

Grants Policy and Application Form

Declaration of Acceptance

Statement of Intent as to Community Engagement

Code of Conduct

Community Engagement Policy

Newly adopted September 2012

Dispensation Policy

Grievance Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Business Plan

Burial Regulations

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County Council Report

TIC End of Year Report

Finance & Scrutiny Report

Fixed asset register May 2014

H&R Annual Report

Highways Working Party Report

Mayors Piece

NPG Town Meeting Report

Planning Report 2014/15

Register of Interests of Councillors

Cllr Monks

Cllr Ball

Cllr Burrell

Cllr Edge

Cllr Easterbrook

Cllr Hirst

Cllr Lea

Cllr Maslin

Cllr Painter

Cllr Stevenson

Cllr Walsh

Cllr Williams

Cllr Morgan July 2017 changes

Cllr Morgan

Cllr Ind

Cllr Scotford

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